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Celebrating 100 Years of Architecture


1912 Mynders Hall – University of Memphis

Mynders Hall is one of the three original buildings on campus and was named after the school’s first president, Seymour Allen Mynder’s. This women’s dormitory was designed in the shape of an “E” to honor Mynder’s daughter Elizabeth who died in early 1912. Legend has it that Elizabeth “haunts” students to this day, but in a friendly way.


1925 Cotton Exchange Building

Located at the corner of Front Street and Union Avenue in downtown Memphis, this classic 12 story structure served as the heart of America’s Cotton trade when cotton was “King.” The building is featured in the 1993 movie, “The Firm” and today houses the Cotton Museum.


1938 Peabody Skyway

When the sleek Art Deco Skyway was added to the famous Peabody Hotel, it became a major attraction for big band dancers. Entertainers such as Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Guy Lombardo and Lawrence Welk appeared regularly. The Skyway was one of just three national live radio broadcast sites for CBS radio.


1940 Schmeisser House

This Tudorbethan house combines a number of materials – brick, stone, stucco, wood and slate. The design plays with texture – rough and smooth stone, rough brick, smooth stucco – as well as various patterns. A grand, dark oak staircase inside winds up against the front wall creating a low entrance just inside the front door leading to an enormous rectangular entrance hall.


1950 St Joseph Hospital

For over 50 years, our firm was the Architect for this former downtown medical center. The property and buildings were sold to St. Jude Children ‘s Research Hospital. Most of the original buildings were demolished to allow room for a much needed St. Jude expansion.


1960 State and County Administrative Buildings

These two high rise structures were built on a narrow strip of ground that would complete the state and county government plaza in downtown Memphis. The concrete structures provided over 200,000 square feet of administrative offices. ETFC also provided the design services for the State Office Building Retrofit in the 1990’s that brought the building into compliance with the latest building codes and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


1974 C&I Bank

The innovative design (some say reminiscent of a cash register) used tubular truss framing and butt glazing to shape the building and enclose its atrium. When completed, the C&I Bank was applauded for its geometry and light-filled atrium. The C&I Bank was recognized by both state and local AIA Awards, and, in 1979, the Museum of Modern Art included the building in its exhibit of the 400 buildings that “have had a significant influence in the recent directions of architecture.” In 2000, the C&I Bank building was recognized by the Memphis Chapter of the AIA as the Design of the Decade (1971-1980). The building is currently home to the Visible Music College.


1981 Federal Express Corporate Headquarters

Over 1,000,000 SF of offices were included in the original FedEx Administrative Complex located to the west of the Memphis International Airport. State of the art security and emergency backup generators were part of the large development. Executive offices line the center core with open office systems between the core and exterior windows. The company entered its maturing phase in the first half of the 1980’s. In fiscal year 1983, Federal Express reported $1 billion in revenues, making American business history as the first company to reach that financial hallmark inside 10 years of start-up without mergers or acquisitions. Fed Ex has since moved its headquarters to east Memphis.


1994 St Jude Tower Renovation

Our association with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital dates back to the hospital’s opening in 1962 when we were the local Architect in association with California Architect Paul R. Williams. Our work with St. Jude has continued to this day. In 1994, we designed a major exterior renovation to the Richard C. Shadyac ALSAC Tower. We are proud to be one of St. Jude’s Architects.


2004 UT College of Pharmacy

ETFC, in association with BRG3S, joined to design this high rise structure to consolidate the pharmacy school’s operations on the University of Tennessee Health Science Center campus in Memphis. The building consists of two wings (administrative and laboratories) separated by an atrium which provides additional natural light to the interior spaces.


2015 DeSoto County Detention Center

Completed in October of 2015, the first phase of the new Desoto County Detention Center was designed to include housing for 200 males and 80 females on a new 52 acre site. The facility provides core support functions designed for a future population of over 1000 Inmates. Construction is seismically designed of precast concrete columns, beams, walls and roof deck. The Phase One layout encompasses over 65,000 square feet. Phase Two of the expansion with an additional 264 beds and over 38,000 square feet, was completed in 2015.