• “Rusty Foster designed our flagship office in Collierville, and he is very familiar with Oncology. We run an infusion center, CT room and lab all within our office so it is like a small hospital. Rusty was very knowledgeable with the CT room regulations and knew the exact specifications. On another project, I had been given three and a half weeks to get a new location, renovate and move in. Rusty was so great and got everything done in a very timely fashion.” – Rola Obaji, CEO, Integrity Oncology
  • “I trust Mike Childress to do a great job. There is a big trust factor there. The firm is just as dedicated through the construction phase as the design phase, which you don’t always get with other firms.” – Vanessa Lynchard, County Administrator, DeSoto County
  • “Working with ETFC on this project was very insightful. The architects listened to our needs and worked to meet those needs, being creative with unused space for special requests. Suggestions were given from previous projects that were creative. No was ever given as an answer until all options had been exercised and exhausted.” – Jan Conwill, Director of Oncology Operations, Baptist Medical Group
  • “I have an affinity for ETFC Architects. They know their business in medical design, by virtue of deep experience, and that clearly shows in their construction documents.” – Montgomery Martin, CEO, Montgomery Martin Contractors
  • “Rusty knows his stuff; he is good at what he does. The project was limited in its scope and sometimes he had to design on the fly!” – Ken Goff, Director of Planning and Development, APM at Regional One Health
  • “I really enjoy the ease of working with Rusty Foster. He is very professional and great at clearly communicating each step of the process. He always made all of our deadlines and when there was a question he had the answer. Rusty is very knowledgeable and good at what he does.” – Rusty DeGeorge, CEO, Conrad Pearson Clinic
  • “Working with the team at ETFC Architects was a great learning experience. They bring a level of expertise to the project that I enjoy working with. Rusty and Craig were nice to work with, and I learned a lot from them.” – Charles Franklin, Director of Engineering Services, Regional One Health
  • “ETFC Architects has been instrumental to making it easy to integrate in the team. Rusty Foster takes ownership of his drawings and stands behind his design when challenges might arise. When things go wrong he takes care of it, which sets him apart. When others may run for cover, ETFC stands behind their work and that’s really impressive.” – Jeff Watlington, Project Manager, Watlington Brothers, Inc.
  • “ETFC draws good plans that are very detailed and easy to read, which makes them really unique. We lose profit when problems arise with the clarity of the construction documents. ETFC is superior with their construction documentation.” – Jeff Barnes, President, Barnes & Brower Inc.