Work in Progress

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Inpatient Floors 3, 4 and 5

This recently completed project is an interior build out of 3 shelled floors and provides 51 new patient/parent suites which replace this children’s hospital’s 21 plus year old inpatient rooms. The challenge was to design functional inpatient units on a floor plate that was originally designed for future research laboratories.

Each floor is themed differently: 3rd Floor is Nature’s Orchestra, 4th Floor is Discover The Sea and the 5th Floor is Explore Space. Each theme has its unique color palette; custom interactive games, custom graphic design, artwork and furniture.

5th Floor Nurse Station/Reception Desk (Explore Space)

3rd Floor Patient Room (Nature’s Orchestra)

The enlarged patient rooms allow for all clinical equipment to be stationed on one side of the bed making nursing care more efficient. The rooms are also sized to allow space for a comfortable parent sitting area within the room enforcing the Hospital’s commitment to patient and family centered care.

Parent Room

Each parent room has direct access to the patient room and includes a sleeper-sofa and recliner. The room allows parents to be near their children while proving enough privacy for parent sleeping while nursing care is administered.

Imagine Room

The project’s fun time show piece is the multipurpose Imagine Room. Located on the 4th floor, this impressive space features wall and ceiling LED video panels and sound system. The room can display themed biomes so patients and families can escape to the woods, or to the beach, or to outer space. The room can also display custom gestural interactive games or create a stage for a puppet show… whatever a child can imagine.

Design and Construction Team
Architect of Record:
ETFC Architects
Interior Design Architect:
Stanley Beaman & Sears
Structural Engineer:
JHT & Associates
Mechanical Engineer:
MEDFAC Engineering
Electrical Engineer:
Liles Engineering Design Consultants
Audio Visual:
The Sextant Group
A/V Content Development:
Redroad Media
General Contractor:
Photographs by:
Jeffrey Jacobs Photography Inc.